Synch's modified droid assistant. His core system was assembled by Synch himself, making him very special compared to other droid assistant. He is obedient, observant and very capable to assist Synch in every situation.


Synch is the eldest son of the Head Scientist of N.E.B.U.L.A colony. He is a Brilliant Blade wielder and a genius mechanics that makes his personality seems a bit arrogant. He and his Droid, Noide, was on the way to pick his father when their plane had an accident.


A Military Commander that has a high sense for justice. He joined the military rank at his very young age, making himself into a dedicated man that serve his Kingdom and their people.


One of Ere Kingdom's high priestess. Clery has a very powerful healing magic. She seems fierce and abrupt due to her rank in the Kingdom, although actually she has a kind heart and cares for others in need.


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